Please read all instructions CAREFULLY and PRINT this page for easy reference  




 This is for North Carolina teams only


Please email with any questions or issues with rostering.


(There is no fee required to build the roster, but any player that is NOT currently registered under their state association or USASA, and who does not have a current, valid player pass will be prompted to purchase a $15 Tournament Only Pass during the rostering process.)



When rostering, Captains will check the box for Head Coach under Choose Team Roles. If the Captain is also a player, they will also check the box for Player in addition to the box for Head Coach

IMPORTANT: This will allow the Captain to log back in to view their roster and make edits until rosters are frozen on AUGUST 27.



1.  CURRENT NCASA REGISTERED PLAYERS: If you are currently playing in a NCASA sanctioned league, you can roster to your Beer City Cup team for free. You should log in with your User ID and Password. You will not need to upload your player pass. If you are playing and the system does not recognize you, email


2. CURRENT OUT OF STATE REGISTERED PLAYERS or Nationally Registered Players (example UPSL): If your team will be rostering any out of state or nationally registered USASA players, please email Player Information to

Include the following information:

Full name Date of birth

Street Address Email Address

Phone Number Team Name and Division 

Valid player pass Headshot photo (refer to instructions for proper player photo)

NCASA will add these players to your team roster for you so that you will not be charged a fee. PLEASE NOTE: Player passes MUST include player photo and expiration date beyond Labor Day weekend to be considered valid. If you have any issues, contact your league or state association directly to get a PDF of your player pass/credentials emailed to you.


3.  NEW (unregistered) PLAYERS will be required to purchase a $15 tournament only pass during the Rostering Process: If you are NOT currently registered with a NCASA or USASA sanctioned team, you will CREATE an account by clicking the REGISTRATION TAB above, input your information and upload a PROPER player photo in the First Photo Box AND driver's license or other form of photo ID verifying your age in the Second Photo Box. You will be prompted to pay for the $15 tournament only player pass.


A PROPER PLAYER PHOTO is a clear and in focus frontward facial headshot only. NO profile shots, NO full body pics, NO sunglasses and NO hats.

This is easier to do from a computer but may also be done on a smartphone. 

PHOTO UPLOAD and EDITING INSTRUCTIONS: To upload your photo click on the PHOTO ICON then click CHOOSE FILE. Then use the edit tools to crop your photo to a frontward facing headshot. Once you have your player photo edited click UPLOAD IMAGE.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to change or edit your photo after clicking UPLOAD IMAGE. If you have any issues with your photo upload or cropping, please contact 

IMPORTANT - If it is not a proper player picture, you will be removed from the roster. 



1. Click on the Registration Tab at the top right corner of this page

2. Select your Team Name from the drop down on the left

3. RETURNING players - Enter your username and password and click Login

4. NEW (unregistered) players - Select Create an Account (NOTE: passwords must be 7 or 8 characters, have one UPPER case letter, one lower case letter and a number.  For example: Soccer1)

5. Click Add Self to Team

6. For team role, check the Player Box. (If you are a captain, click the Head Coach Box. If you are a player and a captain, click BOTH boxes)

7. RETURNING PLAYERS information will populate, click the photo button and your headshot player photo should appear

8. NEW PLAYERS will input information and upload picture in the first photo box and driver's license or other form of ID to validate age in the second photo box - (refer to instructions for uploading your photo above)

9. Click Save at the bottom of the page

10. Next page click Continue, green button

11. Select the checkbox for all Waivers and click Agree & Continue

12. You are now on the Payment window. PREVIOUSLY registered players will have NOT have a fee due, just click No Payment Due, Continue.

13. NEW PLAYERS owing a fee (purchasing the $15 tournament only pass) choose your payment method and click Continue

14. Enter the payment information and click Continue

Please email with any questions or issues with rostering.